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How does the PowerX Water Leak Detection Cable work?

The leak detection cable can sense a leak - even tiny water drops - over the entire length of the blue cable. It can detect moisture on the walls of your water heater and the drain pan surface. Depending on where you have placed the blue conductive

How does PowerX classify leaks?

The ability to adjust the settings for leaks was temporarily removed to be improved but will be available in the future. PowerX classifies leaks by size. Below are some common leak sizes and outlets that cause leaks: Slow Leak: Below are the

How long is the Water Leak Detection Cable?

The length of the Water Leak Detection Cable is 67 inches (1.7 meters).

When will the temperature cable be available?

The temperature cable will be available for separate purchase soon.

How long is the Temperature Cable?

The length of the Temperature Cable is 39 inches long (1 meter).

What do the colors mean on the Temperature Cable?

The red wire measures heat like a hot water pipe. The blue wire measures colder temperatures like a color water pipe. The black cable is used to either measure the temperature of your water heater tank or the exhaust temperature from your water