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Installation Tips

PowerX Water Sensor Installation Tips:. Use the following tips to ensure that your PowerX Water is properly installed and able to receive accurate measurements. Positioning Sensors on Your Water Line. HORIZONTAL WATER LINES. Avoid placing the sensor

PowerX Water Installation Guide

Click here to view the PowerX Water Installation Guide

Can I install PowerX Water sensor myself?

The PowerX Water sensor is non-invasive and can be installed yourself. No plumbing experience is required. We’ve partnered with two handyman service providers to make installation a breeze. The first company we’ve partnered with is Handy, a leading h

What size and type of pipe is the PowerX Water compatible with?

PowerX Water is compatible with CTS Copper (type M&L), PVC, and PEX piping with outer diameters up to 1.25". Please note: that you must have access to the water inlet supply with at least 6 inches of clean, straight pipe for installation of the

Will this device shut my water valve off in case of a leak?

The PowerX Water sensor and Water Heater sensor both can detect leaks and local leaks (the Water Heater sensor can only detect local leaks with the Water Leak Detection Cable.) When a leak is detected, you are notified via push notification to your

I can't add the sensor to the app, the sensor is flashing on and off, or I get an error (Whoops!) during calibration.

If you run into an error while setting up your water sensor, please try the following steps to resolve the issue. Please contact support first if you are advised that your sensor's firmware needs to be updated. If you continue to have trouble, please

My PowerX Water unit will not power on. Why?

Please make sure that you’ve inserted the 4AA batteries or have properly connected the USB power cable that comes along with the Sensor to a wall outlet. Should the Sensor still not power on, please try a different outlet in your house to rule out

(Re)Calibrating Your PowerX Water Sensor

To receive accurate usage measurements in the app, you will need to calibrate your PowerX Water Sensor. If you missed calibration when you first added your sensor you can manually recalibrate the PowerX Water sensor by following these steps. In the

The water sensor does not show data in the app or the ultrasonic sensor is flashing on and off.

If your PowerX Water sensor can not properly detect your water supply line, you will not see any data in the app, and the LED on the ultrasonic sensor will flash on and off slowly. Here are some steps you can try to resolve this. Ensure that the

How does PowerX Water work?

Using ultrasonic technology, the PowerX water sensor tells the full story of your water usage and detects leaks, helping you significantly reduce consumption and saving you money all while helping the planet.

What do the LED lights mean on my water sensor?

The LEDs can tell you a lot about your sensor and where to start troubleshooting if you notice anything wrong. If you see a different colored light or pattern that is not in this document, please reach out to us to troubleshoot together. Please note:

PowerX Water - Tech Specs

Dimensions (LxWxH). PowerX Water - 7" x 3.1" x1.7". PowerX Ultrasonic Sensor - 3.9" x 3.1" x 2.3". PowerX Hub - 5.2" x 2.8" x 1.2". Data transmission cable length - 15.7". Weight. PowerX Water - 0.5 lb. PowerX Ultrasonic Sensor - 0.5 lb. PowerX Hub -