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PowerX Water Heater Installation Guides

Please select the PowerX Water Heater version to view the installation guide below:. PowerX Gas Water Heater Installation Guide. PowerX Electric Water Heater Installation Guide. PowerX Power Vented Water Heater Installation Guide. PowerX Other Water

Can I install PowerX Water Heater myself?

PowerX Water Heater for Gas, Other, or Power-Vented can be installed yourself, without requiring any plumbing or other experience. While the PowerX Water Heater sensor was designed to be installed quickly and without any hassle, PowerX Water Heater -

Will the PowerX Water Heater | Electric work with my water heater tank?

PowerX Water Heater | Electric is compatible with 120v to 240v electric water heaters that store between 30 and 120 gallons of water. If you have any questions please reach out to support.

How to install the PowerX Tankless Water Heater sensor

Do I require any additional hardware apart from what comes with the PowerX Heater?

PowerX Water Heater comes with everything you need in order to get you set up and running with the basics. There is an option to purchase and add a water leak detection cable to detect any leaks from your water heater tank. To order, please visit the

My PowerX Water Heater Unit won’t power on, why?

Please make sure that you’ve properly connected the USB power cable that comes along with the unit to a wall outlet. If the unit still does not power on, please try a different outlet in your house to help isolate the issue from the USB cable, the

Does PowerX Water Heater require maintenance?

The PowerX Heat device does not require any maintenance and we’ve tried designing it to last a lifetime (that’s right, lifetime!)

Tank Settings

Tank settings in the current PowerX Terra release are temporarily unavailable while being enhanced. We will be reintroducing this feature soon. New features are constantly introduced in PowerX app updates. Please be sure to check your phone for any

My temperature data is not updating.

You may see that your sensor's temperatures show 32° F (0° C) or no data. If this happens, try the following troubleshooting steps: Unplug the temperature sensor cable from the sensor. Plug the cable back into the sensor, ensuring the cables are

How to connect the Gas Valve Connection Cable

The Gas Valve Connection Cable allows the PowerX Water Heater Gas sensor to turn your water heater's gas on and off. The Gas Valve Connection Cable is only compatible with certain electronic gas control valves. The electronic gas control valve must h

How does PowerX Water Heater Electric or Gas Work?

A plug-and-play brain for your water heater that makes sure you always have the right amount of hot water when you need it. Saving you money and saving the planet without having to lift a finger.

My temperatures are different compared to the readings from another thermometer.

When viewing your sensor's temperature data, you might notice that the temperatures are off by about 10° when compared to another thermometer. For the first 30 days, this is expected behavior while the sensor adjusts itself and calibrates to your

What do the LED lights mean on my water heater sensor?

The LEDs can tell you a lot about your sensor and where to start troubleshooting if you notice anything wrong. If you see a different colored light or pattern that is not in this document, please reach out to us to troubleshoot together. Please note:

PowerX Water Heater - Tech Specs

Dimensions (LxWxH). PowerX Water Heater - 7" x 3.1" x1.7". PowerX Hub - 5.2" x 2.8" x 1.2". Temperature sensor cable length - 3.2 ft. Gas valve connection cable (PowerX Water Heater Gas only) - 5 ft. Weight. PowerX Water Heater - 0.7 lb. PowerX Water