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Can I install PowerX Electricity myself?Updated a year ago

PLEASE NOTE: Some jurisdictions require a trained professional to install these sensors; please check your local regulations for specific requirements. While the PowerX Electricity was designed to be installed quickly and without hassle, installation requires contact with high voltage wires and connections. We recommend that the sensor should be installed by a trained professional or electrician familiar with electrical systems and local compliance codes for your safety. PowerX Support can assist with general installation questions but can not recommend installing the sensors yourself.

Outside of hiring a local professional, we’ve partnered with two handyman service providers to make installation a breeze. 

The first company we’ve partnered with is Handy, a leading home services platform for hiring vetted, screened professionals. Through Handy, a professional can install PowerX Suite or any other PowerX product without a problem. What’s great about this option is the task is booked and paid for directly through the Handy platform and performed by experienced, vetted providers who other customers highly rate. 

Thanks to Handy, you can have the entire PowerX Suite installed quickly and with zero worries. The platform guarantees any work booked through their site, and their excellent customer service makes them a perfect choice for installing PowerX’s home utility products. 

In addition to Handy, you can also use Task Rabbit, a platform revolutionizing everyday work. Their same-day service platform instantly connects you with skilled Taskers to help with unordinary jobs and errands so that you can be more productive every day. They’re another excellent solution for installing your new PowerX products without breaking the bank. 

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