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I can't add the sensor to the app, the sensor is flashing on and off, or I get an error (Whoops!) during calibration.Updated 3 months ago

If you run into an error while setting up your water sensor, please try the following steps to resolve the issue. Please contact support first if you are advised that your sensor's firmware needs to be updated.

  • Check the LED status of the ultrasonic sensor attached to the pipe. 
  • The ultrasonic sensor LED should either be solid blue or off. 
    • If the ultrasonic sensor is flashing on and off, the ultrasonic sensor can't detect the pipe. Ensure the ultrasonic sensor is installed on a straight (no curvature) section of the water supply line with at least 6" of space.
  • Remove the ultrasonic sensor and use an alcohol wipe or degreaser to ensure the pipe is clean. Any debris or grease on the pipe will cause issues with the ultrasonic sensor's measurement. 
  • Ensure the silicone membrane on the sensor is clean, replace it if needed with the extra silicon pieces that came with the sensor, and make sure the protective plastic shipped on the silicon member with the sensor is removed. 
  • Make sure the mounting screws are tight. Keep tightening them if needed! There needs to be enough pressure between the pipe and the ultrasonic sensor for the sensor to create a clean airtight seal using the silicon buffer so the sensor can work properly.
  • If the LED on the ultrasonic sensor is flashing on and off, tighten the screws even more until the LED turns off or goes solid blue. 
    • The LED will turn blue if you have not successfully completed the "Leak Calibration" before. 
    • The light will be off if you have completed the "Leak Calibration" at least once in this sensor's lifetime. 
      • Please note: The light on the main sensor will flash; this is normal behavior, which means it is currently sending data to the hub. 
  • Verify the data cable is plugged into the correct port of the transmitter. The cable should be plugged into the port furthest away from the USB port on the transmitter. 
  • Ensure there is some slack in the data cable between the ultrasonic sensor and the main sensor. If you have no flashing LED on the ultrasonic sensor, attempt to add or perform the calibration again. 

If you continue to have trouble, please reach out to support.

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