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I have breakers that are over 50 amps what can I do?Updated 10 months ago

We understand that everyone's electrical panels are set up differently, and users all have different types of appliances and devices. The PowerX Electricity sensors come with two 200amp clamps for the main power supply lines if you only have one PowerX Electricity sensor and four additional 50amp clamps for individual breakers. We recommend that users that want to monitor an individual breaker rated over 50amps purchase an additional PowerX Electricity sensor. 

When you purchase another PowerX Electricity sensor, you can use one (or both) of the two 200amp clamps for individual breakers larger than 200amps. You can have up to 30 sensors per hub in your PowerX home environment. When you add a second, third, or fourth PowerX Electricity, the PowerX Terra app still shows your total usage monitored by the first PowerX Electricity sensor. Any additional clamps will be listed individually under your total usage.

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