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If you can't see the usage for the additional 50amp clampsUpdated 6 months ago

After successfully setting up your PowerX Electricity sensor, you will see the additional clamps on the "Management" page under "Electricity." Total Energy is the total amount of usage measured by the first two 200amp clamps attached to the main power supply lines that enter your panel. Under Total Energy, you should see four additional devices; each device represents each additional 50amp clamp attached to individual breakers within your panel. 

You may want to reclamp your sensor in the PowerX Terra app if you do not see your additional devices. 

  • Tap on the menu in the top left corner. Select "My Devices," and you will be brought to your hub settings. 
  • Tap on "Settings" for your hub. 
  • Under "Connected Sensors," tap on "Clamp Setup" for your electricity sensor. 
  • Make sure that each clamp is labeled correctly. To change the label, tap on "Reclamp." The first two clamps represent the 200amp clamps, and 3 thru 6 represent the 50amp clamps.
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