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Installation TipsUpdated 7 months ago


PowerX Water Sensor Installation Tips:

Use the following tips to ensure that your PowerX Water is properly installed and able to receive accurate measurements. 

  • PowerX Water Sensor is compatible and has only been tested with CTS Copper (type M&L), PVC, and PEX piping with outer diameters up to 1.25"
  • The sensor should always be installed on a clean section of the water pipe. Ensure that the surface of the pipe is cleaned with a solvent or alcohol before installing the sensor. 
  • All sensors are shipped with a transparent sticker on the silicone pad for protection. 
    • Remove the  transparent sticker before installation.
  • The ultrasonic sensor must be installed on a straight section of the pipe with no curvature and not near an elbow.
  • Ensure that the ultrasonic sensor's screws are very tight on the pipe. If the ultrasonic sensor continues to flash, continue to tighten the screws. 
  • The transmitter has similar ports. Ensure that the data connection cable is plugged into the proper port on the transmitter. The cable should be inserted into the port furthest away from the USB port. 

Positioning Sensors on Your Water Line



Avoid placing the sensor directly on top or below a horizontal water line to avoid sediment and air bubbles that could result in inaccurate readings. 



Ensure that the sensor is aligned and mounted flush with the water line.

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