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My PowerX Electricity won’t power on, why?Updated 3 months ago

Note: Electrical panels contain high voltage and pose a risk of electrical shock or worse. PowerX Electricity should be installed by an electrician or qualified professional in compliance with all applicable local codes. 

For our North American customers: Some installation guides shipped with your PowerX Electricity sensor might have a misprint. The installation steps are correct but for different panels. We apologize for the confusion! The red and black wires should attach to your breaker in most cases, and the white wire attaches to the neutral bar. The red wire powers the sensor, the black wire detects voltage, and the white is neutral. Luckily, the sensors are robust, so following the installation steps in the guide (if you got the wrong guide in the box) will not harm the sensor. 

Finally, please be sure that the main breaker and breakers providing power to your sensor are turned back on. 

If you continue to have trouble, please contact us for further troubleshooting.

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