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What do the LED lights mean on my hub?Updated 7 months ago

The LEDs can tell you a lot about your sensor and where to start troubleshooting if you notice anything wrong. If you see a different colored light or pattern that is not in this document, please reach out to us to troubleshoot together.

LED StatusInformationTroubleshooting
White Flashing LED (sometimes looks light green)Hub ready to be set up. Waiting for the wifi network information.Add hub to profile through PowerX App.
White Solid LEDHub accepted wifi information, connecting to wifi.NA
Green LED SolidHub is connected to a wifi network. Waiting to connect to PowerX Servers.NA
Solid Blue LEDHub is connected to PowerX ServersNA
Red Solid LEDDisconnected from PowerX servers.Power Cycle the hub.
Flashing Dark Green LEDHub is updating, or a sensor is being updated.

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