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What do the LED lights mean on my water heater sensor?Updated 10 months ago

The LEDs can tell you a lot about your sensor and where to start troubleshooting if you notice anything wrong. If you see a different colored light or pattern that is not in this document, please reach out to us to troubleshoot together. Please note: The sensors were designed to conserve as much energy as possible. The LEDs on your sensors may not be on unless that sensor is woken up by the Hub. 

LED StatusInformationTroubleshooting
Solid Blue LEDThe sensor is powered on.Add the sensor to the app if needed.
Slow Flashing Blue LEDSensor sending data to the hub. Does not always flash.NA
LED OffNo power to the sensor.Verify the sensor has fresh batteries, recommend using a USB power source.
Fast Flashing Blue LEDOTA update in progressNA
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