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The Most Accurate Sensors on the Market

PowerX Sensors generate an unparalleled view of a building’s utility usage and carbon output. Understand what’s happening building wide or by unit.

Reduce Consumption, Prevent Leaks, Understand Usage

PowerX Water sensors quickly learn usage behaviors building-wide and on the unit level, providing owners and operators real-time data and actionable insights. The units are easy to install, and with a five-year battery life, are essentially maintenance free.

Real-Time Electric Load Disagregation

PowerX Electric provides a unique view into a building’s electricity usage. See what’s happening on the unit level, identify inefficiencies and make the needed changes.

Heating Efficiency Analysis

PowerX Heat works with all hot water boilers and connects in minutes. The sophisticated software quickly learns the system’s behaviors alerting owners and operators to issues in real-time while providing actionable insights.

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