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Control Your Corporate Carbon Strategy With PowerX

Leading emission modeling and optimization

Utility Management

PowerX Enterprise manages utility usage across a portfolio and down to the unit level, revealing inefficiencies and recommending mitigation options. PowerX Enterprise intergrates seamlessly with existing systems or deploys PowerX’s non-invasive sensors to provide a 360 view of Water, Heat, and Electricity usage.

Emissions Tracking and Reporting

New laws are forcing property owners to track, report, and reduce their carbon emissions. PowerX Enterprise builds a complete carbon emissions model of an asset, automatically generates compliance reports, and provides cost-saving solutions to reduce a building’s carbon emissions.

The Most Powerful Sensors on the Market

PowerX Enterprise’s industry-leading Water, Heat, and Electric sensors provide an unparalleled understanding of a building’s utility usage and emissions data. The long-lasting, non-invasive sensors work independently of wifi allowing their placement anywhere in a building.

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